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On our website collected news of cities such as seversk, Kopejsk, Tver and Novokuibishevsk.
All placed on our site interviews, publications and surveys tested strict moderation. Moderators can deny you placement when published article:

  • contains information offensive;
  • contains threats and insults with respect to other persons;
  • is accurate a copy of the article with other site;
  • is pointless set words;
  • contains calls to illegal actions;
  • needs processing;
  • has a size less 1500 symbol not counting gaps and punctuation;
  • excessively saturated links or banners;
  • unhelpful;
  • gives rules Internet ethics;
  • deprived any sense;
  • contains materials unethical nature;
  • not bears no new information;
  • contradicts legislation Russian Federation;
  • contains unnecessarily a large number of grammatical error;
  • not written in Russian and not Ukrainian language;
  • software generated;
  • is classified as "adult";

Hope, that on pages this site you find many interesting and become a regular reader our site.

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